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Members Update 15 Slope Rating

The new World Handicap System have now issued Mond Valley GC Slope Rating and handicap differences.

This is to be seen on the front page of the website within the blue box on the right hand side.

Q. What is a slope rating

A. This is the handicap allowance a member or visitor will refer to when playing Mond Valley as from November 2nd.

Q. How was this achieved

A. Independent evaluation based on many points length of hole, dog leg, rough, etc.

For example a visitor from another club would look at the slope rating , they would look up their handicap and a handicap they can play to on our course.

The visitor may play at their club with a handicap of 15.6 but as MVGC course may be rated a high slope rating than their home club may be given a 17.6 handicap to play MVGC. It can also work the other way if a visitors course is higher slope rating than MVGC then they might have a reduction in shots to play MVGC.

Please read the slope rating and if you wish to ask any questions please contact a member of the handicap committee. Huw Jones, Ron West, Alison Williams.

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By Dave Hopkins

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