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Members Update

On behalf of the management and general committee we would like to thank all members who have supported the club during the period from February to September due to initially the flooding and the pandemic.

It has been a difficult period for staff, and officers of both the management and general committee and has proved a very frustrating period in the history of MVGC.

There are ups and downs which has proved difficult to manage and action for the best interest of members and visitors.

News updates on the website have been scarce and it has been difficult to pass on good news.

News has been sent out via BRS email messages but sadly there have been issues with the BRS members files which now have been cleansed and all members who have :-

1. Signed and agreed to receive emails from MVGC are now on file.

2. Members who do not wish to receive emails and their wishes are respected.

3. Members who agreed to receive emails but who do not have an email address for MVGC to send an email.

Should any member have any issues or problems with BRS please contact Richard.

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By Dave Hopkins

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